I have been a fan of the 3-in-1 Creator series for some time, and the latest series in this theme are all pretty great. The 3-in-1 concept reminds me of many of the LEGO products I built and enjoyed growing up. Like the LEGO Ideas books, and sets like LEGO Designer Ocean Odyssey 4888 that included instructions for several alternate models, and pictures of dozens more for inspiration. As an adult builder, I like getting three sets for the price of one, and frequently purchase multiple copies, so as to have all models built at the same time. 

The Creator 3-in-1 sets inspire builders to challenge their creativity, to consider all the ways they can use a limited set of elements to make many different things, and to re-use limited parts in new and interesting ways. This set, Lighthouse Point is no exception, and even the quick (or beginner) model features some new and interesting uses for conventional parts. 

The primary model in this set is a modular style lighthouse with lots of fun, interchangeable sections that provide many out of the box combinations, as well as instructions that are easy to adapt and create your own combinations. After completing the lighthouse model, I immediately started building additional components like a longer dock, a section of rocky shore to put between the building and the lighthouse, and even an extra section of the lighthouse with a balcony for a minifigure. 

I built each of the models starting with the quick build.


The quick build model in this set is an adorable houseboat that sits low in the water. The bow of the boat was built using roof slopes attached to the base with studs facing out. This is a great example of doing unconventional things with parts usually considered as a limited use part, like as a roof. Another great part use was an empty window frame as part of the railing in the front and back of the boat. It also features a hinged wall that swings out to provide easy access to the interior. One more unexpected interior detail was the use of the window frame with the pane facing into the interior. This gave the window a porthole-like vibe when viewed from the outside. The light brick is used on this model as the top of a buoy. Finally the curved lighthouse window panel makes it’s debut here as a large skylight, adding a modern look to this quaint little boat.


The medium model in this set is a little cottage with a light-up beacon built into the roof, and a speedboat. This model featured 2 hinged halves of the cottage which open down the middle for easy access to the interior. In this model, empty window frames are used as structural support, as a great substitute for bricks in an area that won’t be seen, providing added stability. This is a trick used by many adult builders to support large models. Another common trick is used in roof, using sloped bricks in place of standard bricks in a place that is hidden, but provides support for the roof slopes. The speedboat makes use of a small ball and socket element for the outboard motor. Finally, there are some great landscaping techniques in the base of the cottage, including transparent cheese slopes as waves.


The advanced model is where the set gets its name. Before I talk about the lighthouse, I want to mention one of my favorite parts of this model, beside the modular nature. The beautifully designed Orca which are a fairly common sight here in the Pacific Northwest. The Orca uses ball and socket elements in a way that is almost invisible, and uses some great techniques to achieve the Orca’s signature black and white look. Now, on to the lighthouse model The most distinct feature of the finished model is that the model is made up of several separate sections which include bricks with tecnic pin holes built into most of the sides, allowing the sections to be attached in a variety of different combinations.Out of the box, the set includes 3 pieces of landscaping, 2 building bases and a dock. The sections are attached using gray tecnic pins. Each detachable section is easy to modify or duplicate for added combinations. Even the roof of part of the house is detachable and the lighthouse itself is made up of 2 red sections and 2 white sections, including the light, which can be re-arranged into many different combinations.


Lighthouse Point is a great addition to the Creator line. The three models are all fun to build, and are full of great techniques for builders of all skill levels. And the inclusion of modular sections provide hours of playing fun and endless combinations. Happy building!